(A Unit of St. Sebastian's School, Seal Lane, Affiliated to the Council for the ICSE & ISC Examinations, New Delhi)

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For classes I to VIII -
Application forms are issued from the office after taking an admission test in English Language and Mathematics after Puja Vacation. Admission to this school is to be considered a privilege and not a right.
It is valid as long as the student maintains the discipline and rules of the school and a credit to it. The school reserves the right to refuse admission to any child without assigning any reason.

Admission to Class IX depends on the availability of seats.

Admission for Montessori (Pre Primary) -
Children who complete 2 years in March are eligible for admission to Montessori. We take children of the age group of 2+, 3+ as well as 4+. Admission for Montessori section(2+ and 3+ section) is open thrice a year.(April, July and November). Admission for 4+ is done in April only.

Note: Children from our Montessori House (DewDrops) can directly take admission in our primary section ( St. Sebastian's) in the month of January for April session, without appearing for a test.

Guardians seeking admission for their wards have to produce Birth Certificates from the Municipal Office, recent passport size photograph, transfer certificate (in case of transfer).

Admission fees and other fees once paid is non-refundable. A student once admitted cannot be withdrawn without a month's fee in lieu of notice.

For Admission to class XI in Seal Lane (Mother Unit), please check the Notice Board in the month of January.

Subjects Offer -



2+ Age group(Nursery)

3+ Age group(Lower KG)

4+ Age group(Upper KG)


Class I-V

Eligible age- 5-6years



Please note- In classes IX-X, the subjects offered are :






Subjects offered in Higher Secondary- :







Vernacular(2nd Language)




Business Study




Vernacular(2nd Language)




Political science



Vernacular(2nd Language)

Medium of Teaching & Curriculum -
This Institution is an English Medium School where every effort is made to teach the students to handle English effectively as written and spoken language. Bengali and Hindi are compulsory subject as vernaculars. In the three Language schemes of Secondary Education subjects are English, Bengali & Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History/Civics, Economics, Computer, SUPW, Moral Science, G.K. & Multimedia for K.G. Section. The school prepares students to appear for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination ICSE and ISC Science, Commerce & Arts, New Delhi.

Assessment & Promotion -
Classes I to V
There will be two semesters with regular assessments. Marks division are as follows:
Class assessment - 40 marks (2 for each semester) Internal assessment - 10 marks. (based on regularity, responsibility, behaviour in class, class work, home work etc.)

Project / Oral - 10 marks ( in few subjects)
Half Yearly / Annual Exam - 50 marks

: Result of Assessment is based on grade systemupto Class 3

From Class VI to VIII -

There are two exam ( half yearly & annual ) held in an academic session. Marks division are as follows :

Class assessment : 20 marks, Two Assessment is taken before every exam ( 20 marks each). Average of this two Assessment is added to the following exam

Half Yearly and Annual exam .....80 marks
Project & Assignment : Assessed by grade

Please note Special Calendar for Class IX & 1X are given

  • Promotion at the end of the year will be based on a total continuous assessments. In every subject 40% marks must be scored for promotion.
  • Passing in Internal Assessment is compulsory. No re-test will be taken if any child is absent for any assessment or exam as while promotion we consider whole year performance of the children.
  • During any assessment parents will not be allowed to take their ward in the middle of the school hours. Once a child has joined school cannot leave early expect severe emergency.
  • The results of the Final Assessment are final.
  • A child who is suffering from any diseases ( Fever, severe cough & cold, severe injury in body etc) will not be allowed to attend school ( not even during assessment or exam days)
  • Any matter related to promotion / failure, the Principal's decision is final.
Note: The principal, guided by the common Code of Justice and Fair Play, can exercise her discretionary powers of 'changing' any of the condition mentioned above, in exceptional cases.

Fees -

  1. Fees must be paid before the 10th of the month. Fees after 10th will be accepted along with a fine of Rs. 2/- per day. If the fees run into arrears for more than three consecutive months, the defaulter's name is liable to be struck off the roles. A student may be Re-admitted only after all arrears are paid along with a re admission fees.
  2. One month's notice (One Calendar Month) must be given or one month's fees be paid in lieu, before a student is withdrawn.
  3. The Tuition fee must be paid for twelve months (English calendar Month) and broken periods.
  4. Pupils are liable to pay full fees as long as their names have not been officially struck off the rolls.
  5. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until a written application from the parents/guardians is received and dues to the school have been paid in full.
  6. Fees must be paid to the school office.
  7. Fees are received from 8:40 am to 1:30 pm on all working days.

Dismissal & Withdrawal -

  • Before withdrawing a student from the school, a month's notice is to be given or two months fee paid in lieu of notice.
  • A Transfer Certificate will be issued with a fees of Rs. 50/-
  • A transfer Certificate will not be issued only when dues to the school have been paid and on receipt of written application from the parents/guardians.
  • Student whose ATTENDANCE IS IRREGULAR, who do not pay their fees, WHO ARE HABITUALLY LATE OR ABSENT or lazy or disobedient, WHOSE CONDUCT IS INJURIOUS to the normal tone of the school or incompatible with strict discipline, or whose sickness is liable to be injurious to other students may be asked to withdraw by the school authority.
  • As a rule, students who are dismissed from the school are not to be admitted again.
  • The Principal's decision is FINAL in all cases of dismissal or withdrawal.

About The Rector

Mrs. Sonali Majumder received the distinguished educationist and social activist award from ECOLES de la Terre, an organisation from Switzerland. The award was given for her attempt to create general awareness amongst the masses for the development and well being of children coming from economically weaker sections and giving them exposure to proper education as ...