(A Unit of St. Sebastian's School, Seal Lane, Affiliated to the Council for the ICSE & ISC Examinations, New Delhi)



Transport -
The school provides transport facility to the students through buses.

Computer Education -
Computer Education forms a regular feature of the time-table. Students are introduced to the latest technologies in computers under the guidance of qualified teachers.

There are a number of computers in special class rooms for the young learners' academic progress. Interest of students is sustained by the use of multimedia demonstrations wherein computerized Audio-Video presentations are conducted.

Laboratories -
To face the challenges of a shrinking world, a growing, technology-dependent human life and a growing scientific base, children today need the maximum practical experience than in any other times. We, at St. Sebastian's, believe in learning by doing. A General Science lab has been set up for classes VI onwards.


Library -

The school has a well-equipped library with books on a wide range of subjects, which are a rich source of information to the students for widening their knowledge zone. Days are allotted in turns to all classes for borrowing books to inculcate reading habit in them.


Sports -
Sports at St. Sebastian's School enjoy an enviable status. There is a distinct professional touch and emphasis on the value of sports activities as well as the importance of physical fitness in the student's life that makes it stand out. We provide special coaching classes for cricket, football, basketball, judo, karate, rowing, etc.

Inter House competitions are conducted during Sports Day. These events not only provide relief from the heavy workload but also help unearth new talents.

Our children participate in competitions at the national level in rowing. We also arrange cricket tournament, basketball and volleyball.

About The Rector

Mrs. Sonali Majumder received the distinguished educationist and social activist award from ECOLES de la Terre, an organisation from Switzerland. The award was given for her attempt to create general awareness amongst the masses for the development and well being of children coming from economically weaker sections and giving them exposure to proper education as ...